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24 April 2015 @ 12:29 am
[sticky post] Heya!  
Hello there! Welcome to hy_gogatsu993, a community owned and managed by haruyama5993. 83928_100

I made this community for one main reason and that is for the security of my work and of course, myself. As most of us know, the Japanese government has been getting really strict with copyright issues and whatnots for some time now. Of course, the materials I share on my personal journal are materials which are prohibited to be shared, in other words, illegal. And as much as I want to continue keeping my posts there public, I'd have to start being careful now and decided to create a member-locked community where I could freely share my translations and subbed projects.

EDIT: I have decided (on a whim) to just keep the translations public. There's no really particular reason why I did so. :P

The Membership Application.
Joining is easy in this community. All you have to do is click the join button, no need for lengthy intro message and more requirements. The membership is moderated, you just have to wait for the membership approval. That's all. And everyone is welcome, so I assure no one will be rejected. 90284_100

The Rules.
As always, rules are necessity for an easier life. I would really appreciate it if you follow them. If not, just let your conscience bother you.

For subbed videos:
1. Do NOT reupload to streaming sites similar, but not limited to, YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, and Facebook.
2. Fansubbing is FREE. Never sell nor pay for subbed materials.
3. Mirrors are very much welcome. Message me for the mirror links and please do NOT post the links on your own blog/journal.
4. Retranslation is OK! Feel free to use the softsubs if they are posted or PM me here in lj (please make sure your privacy setting allows you to receive messages from non-friends) if the softsubs are not posted. Also, (a) include the link to the original post, and (b) properl credit haruyama5993 or hy5993 or hy-gogatsu993

For translated materials:
1. Reposting is OK! As long as: (a) the link to the original post is included, and (b) haruyama5993 or hy5993 is properly credited.
2. Retranslation is OK! Please follow the conditions stated in #1

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not ask me for permission EVERY time you want to retranslate my work. Once I post something, it already means that I've given my full consent, so feel free to use them. I am not online 24/7 to answer your messages, so please understand.

These rules won't change. Would there be rule breakers or not, I won't ban or remove them because that's just too troublesome on my part. I want to be as lenient as possible in this community, so I request everyone to please follow the rules.

Browse, download, and enjoy! 96181_100
Hi, all! It's been a while. I'm still on my unannounced, indefinite hiatus, but I suddenly missed subbing and was currently so into JUMP's new song so I decided to sub this short performance from Best Artist.

Same rules apply. Enjoy!

I've translated the lyrics of Speed It Up! It's one of my favorite songs in the single, so I hope you enjoy this!

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

EnglishCollapse )

Done! Okay. This song is just O_O My BEST babies have not failed me (They never did, of course :P) I just can't wait to see them perform this ><

A little trivia! Takaki's "Motto ugokeyo" is not in the lyrics. He said it was an ad-lib he thought of with Daiki during the recording. Very nice try, Takaki! That was *in Yabu's singing voice* SEXY!

Another tiny trivia! Takaki said he'll go topless in the concert. Please don't do it during this song. Kidding! Do it! Hahaha! I'm so sorry for fangirling here LOL
Current Music: Speed It Up/Hey!Say!BEST
Sorry for posting this late! This is the translation of Maji SUNSHINE. I'm almost done with the other songs too so I'll be posting them within the next few days.

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

EnglishCollapse )
Thought re the song. I'm just glad it wasn't Chau/Kimi Attraction kind of cute. I love how it's so catchy and the lyrics are very straightforward! The image and storyline of the song are so clear. But I still don't get why they should wear a full gakuran during summer LOL Students are supposed to wear short sleeves uniform.

Hello! I've translated We are Otoko no Ko. It's the new closing theme of JUMP's Little Tokyo Life.

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

EnglishCollapse )

Personal thoughts regarding the song? Well, I wasn't a fan at first. I thought it was just Wo I Need You 2, but after listening to it properly, I found the lyrics really cute and funny. Also, the melody stucks in your mind even if you don't want it. LOL. I kindalike it now.

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Current Music: We are 男の子/Hey!Say!JUMP
Happy birthday, Takaki Yuya! Can't do much for my bias' birthday so here I give you a translation of a certain corner from Popolo. Takaki and Inoo are just so sweet in here <3 Hope you guys enjoy reading this!
Willful Summary Profile: The stars will talk about seniors they admire and get along with!
This month, Takaki Yuya-kun will talk about Inoo Kei-kun.

Things I love about InooCollapse )
This is late, but happy new year everyone! I bring you TakaIno's first crosstalk of the year. I thank tasuku_kyota for letting me know about this. Thanks, Tachan ♥
Hope you enjoy Takaki and Inoo talking about their first times!

Inoo: This was pretty long ago, but I did bouldering for the first time.

Takaki: Eh, so nice. Wasn't it hard?

Inoo: I took the beginner level, but it was hard that I was dead tired after. The sense of accomplishment after it was really great, though.

Takaki: I also did it once during a location shoot. It was interesting, isn't it?

Inoo: It was fun! If I have the time, I want to go again.

Takaki: As for my first time, it would be when I went to watch the illuminations with Hikaru-kun.

Inoo: That's only when you were on the company car on your way home, right?

Takaki: Correct! (Laughs) But they purposely changed the route home so we could see it.
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Hi, all! I translated Yuya's part in the December issue of Duet. They were asked who they this is No.1 in the given categories. The first cut includes Takaki's answers, and the second cut are the answers of the other members who chose Takaki.

Takaki's AnswersCollapse )Members' AnswersCollapse )

Seems like most of them chose Takaki as the no.1 scaredy-cat (even he, himself, admitted it) because of the reactions he makes. Hope you had fun reading! And if there are any Takaki-related articles you want to get translated, tell me! I'd be willing to do it (as long as there is a clear scanned cop available ^^)

Hi, all!

It's been a while since I last translated a magazine article, but I really love this crosstalk between my ultimate OTP. Here they talk about Yamada's good and bad points, and points which are similar to them. Hope you enjoy reading!

Takaki’s Mission
Make a conversation with Inoo-chan. It’s because I rarely see you guys talk to each other. For the theme, give three good points of Yamada and one bad point! –Yamada

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By the way, this is very biased and all, but if you have any Takaki x Inoo crosstalks you want to get translated, I'm definitely accepting them! Please provide me with a clear and readable scan that I can use. ^^

This is the translation of Walk from the album, Jumping Car

KANJICollapse )

ROMAJICollapse )

ENGLISHCollapse )